Re: What is csrss.exe?

My Vista Ultimate x86 (32 bit) has the file c:\windows\system32\csrss.exe. It's been a core component of the Windows desktop since at least Windows 2000. I have also seen references to csrss.exe flagged as a trojan program on some web-sites. A google search just now reports that only is reporting it as a virus. Given that doesn't seem to know that this file is part of Windows, I would strongly advice avoiding this site.

Mike Ober.

"Peter Foldes" <okf22@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:erMTp6yzJHA.436@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

In what scenario are you getting this error to show. In Vista there is no csrss.exe. This you will find it in XP and W2K3 only . Apart from that depending in the scenario it is a Ahlem. A worm otherwise known as csrss.exe

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What is csrss.exe. A search on the internet has brought up the
following web page saying in one paragraph that it is 'registered as a Trojan.'
Then in another paragraph it says 'The Microsoft Client Server Runtime Server subsystem'

I don't understand.