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i bought a laptop acer aspire 4930g before six months. it previously contained the mcafee antivirus as the security. so i was ok then. now it is asking me to renew the mcafee. but i want to put avg. i can not put avg without uninstalling the mcafee. now i am having trouble deciding that what should i do. which is the better ? can i remove the preinstalled mcafee for avg ? because i am getting avg for free. will avg do the same job ? may be mcafee was giving the full protection and avg may not give the same? i am using windows vista premium. please tell me that if it is ok to install avg and remove the mcafee for the full internet security.

McAfee came with my 8930g - and was ripped out as soon as I got it
home, and replaced by AVG.
Note - when you uninstall McAfee, use the uninstaller in Programs and
Features, and then run the McAfee cleanup utility to get rid of the
dross that's left behind.

Note also - do things in this order
1) download AVG
2) disconnect from the Internet - then reboot
3) uninstall McAfee - then reboot
4) run the cleanup tool - then reboot
5)check that the Windows Firewall is running
6) Install AVG. - use the custom install and refuse the offer to scan
emails (it's not reliable in ANY anti-virus, and tends to cause
connection problems with the email servers - the mails get scanned
when you open them anyhow)
6) At some point in the install, you'll be asked to update the
definitions - connect to the Internet then, and do the updates - then
hit the Back button and redo the scan for updates, and repeat until it
tells you there's no more updates to do - then complete the install,
reboot, and do a full system scan.


When it comes to uninstalling programs, I've found that the Revo Uninstaller ( does a great job of uninstalling programs. It not only runs the built-in uninstaller, it searches for left over registry entries and files.


Hank Arnold
Microsoft MVP
Windows Server - Directory Services