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Justin;1033242 Wrote:
Running Windows XP my cousin ended up with an infestation of spyware and
adware after AVG ran out and it stopped updating.
I installed AVG 8.5 ran a scan, it disinfected winlogon.exe and then
blue screened.
After a reboot and another scan winlogon.exe was no longer infected but
other files were. It seems to have disinfected them.
The only thing left is a popup that comes up everytime IE is started. I
can't figure out what is causing it. I ran ad aware - it disposed of a
few things but he still gets that popup when IE starts.

What now?

First of all, AVG and Ad-Aware are not very good, and you are probably
dealing with Polymorphic malware.

Example, AVG is recent AV-Comparative testing [feb 2009] only received
1 star certification out of 3 stars.

This is what I suggest you do:

1. download/run a certified 3 star antivirus/antispyware app like NOD32
4, Kaspersky, Symantec, or Mcafee with Artemis.
Avira is free, as is Avast!. Both only received 2 star certification in
regards to On-demand scannning, but they are both better than AVG.

2. download and run Malwarebytes. Real time protection is disabled in
the trial version, so update and use the On-Demand scanner. This App is
specifically geared towards Polymorphic trojans, and is not designed to
be used as a standalone.

You can also download and run a System Inspector self Diagnostic. Green
is ideal, while anything In red is a problem.

If it was me I would do this:
Install the 30 day *Eset* *NOD32 4 Antivirus/Antimalware* (this is the
only program to recieve both a 3 star certification in Hueristic and on
demand scanning from AV-Comparatives) [Nov 08/Feb 09]
then, I would Install and run Malwarebytes, and run a full Scan with
Defender-but I run x64 Ultimate-you would have to download this app.
note- you can remove NOD32 after your system is cleaned. This app has
self defense to prevent Malware Corruption.

Chances are though, you have User/data file and Windows corruption that
only a re-install will fix.

Antivirus Comparative testing:

Antimalware/Antivirus scanners:


A pity that the Vista64 forum has an add for Uniblue Registry Booster.. I understand that Uniblue pay well for displaying it..


Mike Hall - MVP Windows Experience


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