Re: Windows Firewall and 3rd Party Firewall

Windows Vista Basic sp1.

Im using a 3rd party firewall program. In Administrative Tools---Services
it shows Windows Firewall status as Started. But, in Security Center it
shows my 3rd party firewall being On but Windows Firewall being off.
Also, in Administrative Tools---Windows Firewall with Advanced Security is showing
Windows Firewall being on in Domain Profile. Is this normal?
Why would one show Windows Firewall as On and another show it as Off???


Interesting. I have Vista Business SP1 and see the same thing. Apparently running the service is not the same an enabling the firewall. I guess you could turn off the service, however if you uninstall the 3rd party firewall you would have to remember to turn the service back on. 3rd party firewalls are usually smart enough to toggle the Windows firewall off when they install, and back on if they are uninstalled, but obviously the service needs to keep running for that to not require user interaction.