Re: Windows Firewall Question

Not so much today, but in the past some nntp servers only propagated
(pulled) posts once a day. This is not like a chat room where nearly
instantaneous communication can be expected.

If you use a web to usenet gateway, additional delays can be affecting
you too.

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Nearly 2 hours latyer I still don't see first post here.

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"JamesJ" <jjy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm using a 3rd party firewall program. In Administrative
it shows Windows Firewall status as Started. But, in Security Center
shows my 3rd
party firewall being On but Windows Firewall being. Off.
Why would one show Windows Firewall as Started and another show it as


You can stop now. Wait for an answer to either this thread or the
other one you started less than an hour earlier.