Re: Windows Defender 0x800106ba

Thanks, I had this same problem and was able to resolve it using this
thread. One thing I'd like to clear up for anyone reading this is the
way you set the Windows Defender to Automatic. You need to right-click
on the service, select 'Properties' and change it from the properties
window. You should be all set.

I am convinced the Windows Defender problem is a conflict between
Defender and McAfee. Hopefully, they will get their heads together and
fix this asap.

After I got this problem the first time. I had renewed my McAfee
subscription, and I suspected there was a conflict them but I decided to
restore my computer to it's factory condition. Everything worked fine
just like I just got the computer. I then updated my McAfee subscription
again and BAM the same problem occurred making me realize I had not
solved the problem and lost some personal files because of the restore.

Anyway, I believe the problem has been resolved after reading this.

Thanks again

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