Re: receiving error message 0x800106ba for windows defender

Alas! The issue was fixed. Thanks Christine.
I spent over 2 hours browsing through the MICROSOFT database to get some
solution on this issue I've noticed on WINDOWS DEFENDER over the last couple
of days, but of no help. Thanks for your wonderful tip. How did you manage to
think of this good solution.

Thanks again. Keep 'em coming!


"Christine Williams" wrote:

You're Welcome John, glad to help.
This was the only solution that worked for me as well!

"DM" <DM@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hello guys,
I just wanted to let you know that this was the only solution to this
problem in my pc, I did exactly as Christine suggeted and worked
Thanks for the tip Christine!

"Christine Williams" wrote:

Here's how I fixed it:

Click Start
In Search - services
Click on Services in the list
You will now have a list of services on the pc
Scroll to Windows Defender and it will say Manual
Change it to Automatic and Start it then
Reboot and the message is gone from both of my computers.....