Re: VersionManager.exe

michbskee wrote:

Searching C: located versionmanager.exe in c:\program
files\hewlett-packard\hp advisor. HP.COM support for the laptop shows
it as part of HP Advisor and can be disabled by selecting the wrench
(preferences) in HP Advisor and de-selecting the option to have it run
automatically at start up.

The next time I opened it it was selected again but it didn't start up
on that boot.

Deselected it again and will see if it remains dormant until I open HP
Advisor again.

For something that's in your face every time you boot your machine they
don't make it particularly easy to find where to turn it off.

Are your the OP? If yes, glad that sorted it for you. Even if no, thanks for
finding this information and taking the time to post it.

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