Re: Firewall problem

Maybe also see this
from a recent Firewall post

"davidberq" <davidberq@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have a zinio program that allows me to get magazines online and my
does not work. I have tryed contacting zinio and they told me it is a
firewall problem. I have attempted to turn off all the firewalls that are
runinig and it still does not solve the problem.

I am running windows vista ultimate.
I turned off the windows firewall and disabled windows defender.
I had AdAware and spybot search and destroy on my computer which I
Also I disabled the firewall on my modem and contacted my ISP to make sure
they were not blocking the website from there end.

I followed the instructions that zinio gave me to uninstall their program
and delete the licenses from my computer and then restart the computer and
reinstall the zinio program. It still comes up with the message #22 error
for license.

I have been using that zinio program for a few years and this problem just
started in the last month when my last issue arrived. I don't think I
changed anything in my system that should have caused this problem.