Re: SVCHOST.exe Keeps on Running and Ruins My Computers Performance!!...

Instead of expecting each of us to search in the manner you already have (and should) you are more likely to get answers that are the result of that information too if you include some relevant links to the "many". My guess is that the other "many" either do have useful answers (that you just don't want to hear) or the people trying to help are not qualified to help with this. I challenge you to prove me wrong.

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First of all, run a search on svchost.exe and you'll find many with this widely known problem. Many say it's a virus. Some blame it on a bug within Vista that doesn't have a fix, although there is apparently a fix for this same problem available for XP. When I installed the XP fix on Vista it seemed to lessen it, but then it started again within 24 hours. There are now reports that this fix no longer works for XP, either.

I quit predominantly using Linux in 1994, possibly before you started using it, and studied Computer Science before there was a Linux, so I'm not new to it, or to computers. This is a problem that has grown over the past few years and I've got it right now on Vista. I need someone who is sharp with Vista and computers to give me advice for handling this situation.

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Ken wrote:
This file called SVCHOST.exe is consuming my RAM, hard drive, CPU and everything on my Vista machine to capacity use. I know the real one is a necessary program, but there are many copies of this file working simultaneously here and my performance is down to a crawl or a crash. I've looked everywhere for a solution and have tried a couple to no avail. I get no working answers from anyone.

Oh? Whom have you asked? Any experienced IT professionals?

Many, many other Windows users are getting this in massive amounts, too, so it's not isolated to me.

Really? This is the first I've heard of Svchost.exe, in and of itself, causing any problems. Rather, it's almost invariably something else, even malware, that the computer user has installed and is hijacking the service. However, I will concede that *blaming* Vista, rather than seeking the actual cause of the issue, is definitely not isolated to you.

Everything slows to a crawl often several times a day. I often have to restart.

It's perfectly normal to have several instances of Svchost.exe running simultaneously. This article specifically discusses WinXP, but it still applies to Vista.

A Description of Svchost.exe in Windows XP;en-us;Q314056

You simply need to determine whether or not you have undesired programs running in the background using Svchost. Try using Process Explorer and/or AutoRuns to determine what you have running in the background:

I am told it might be one or more viruses that does this,

Yes, it's true that many sorts of malware can "hijack" the service. What do your antivirus and anti-spyware applications have to report about the situation?

.... and I've been told it might be an unfixed bug in Vista, but no square answers.

If it's a bug in Vista, you're the first to discover it.

My scans and virus updates from Norton and MS haven't fixed this problem.

Hint: try something more reliable than "Norton" or Vista's built-in tools.

I am now seriously thinking of copying my whole disk to an outboard memory and reintalling Linux on my machine instead of Windows Vista,

Honestly, if you can't manage to keep Vista running, you have no chance at all of successfully using Linux. The very fact that you can claim Svchost is consuming your hard drive indicates that you know far too little about computers at this time. You'll face a very steep learning curve trying to get any use out of Linux.

... as no one seems to want to address this issue in the Vista world, even though it is obviously a very prevalent problem.

No one can really address an "issue" that is "prevalent" only in your own imagination.


Bruce Chambers

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