Re: Ad aware and suspicious DLL file

If anyone has the time to give Lavasoft a hand, the rest of the world will
benefit. Whether or not you use Ad-Aware, many do who can't learn something
new, and if they all start getting infected, it will spread to you, your
fight will be more work... Read on.

AA AE is actually finding a lot false positives in every OS. A couple weeks
ago things started going bad with Lavasft for some reason.

A while back you may remember they added a small grey popup to get people to
by the upgrade to plus or pro.

That wasn't even the first sign of problems, roughly 2 years ago they got
some heat with the law.

Don't get me wrong, I do know the full history of Ad-Aware as a product
originaly started by Steve Gibson called OPT-OUT.

As with all programs INCLUDING OS's, as they grow bigger, they grow
DEFECTIVE, and there is no way around it.

This new AE version is a pretty good IDEA and only that, what they have done
might eventually work well on a smack-n-toss, with the directions of Windows,
Vista and Ze7en, it's going to be very hard for them to work out the bugs.

Especially since it seems they haven't been able to keep their web site
stable for the last few weeks.

I have found aa 2008 is working fine except for the dam nag screen, and the
popups... sort of ironic, isn't it.... Anti-Spyware with NAG screens and

Anyone hear any recent news on their court proceedings? How much trouble
their in?

I hope they pull through, too many people out there that don't know enough
about computers to stay safe, and the more of them, the worse it is for the
rest of us...

Use and and to look up files and
see what they are. You will get a lot of good ideas as to what should be
done. BUT.... Even they run GOOGLE ads, be careful not to click on them,
google promotes maleware ads, they don't care who they sell space to.

DO NOT TRUST Windows Defender, I haven't seen it find one thing yet. I'm too
busy to work on that one....


Coal, a high carbon type called "Anthracite", is a word that comes from a
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