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Hi igyys and everyone else with the same norton bloodhound problem.The problem is norton!,its a crap antivirus full stop! ,I had same type of crap with norton! .But found a solution to this...For start...You need a better antivirus like trend or CA ect.. but not norton.How ever the blood hound Exploit?>..this is the blood hound settings in the can adjust em.To have more or less.> I ether have the setting too dam hi? and its detecting allmost any program your using at the time with bloodhound virus in it! Answer..Adjust bloodhound settings low. Another prob is that if the antivirus came with an firewall? your program maybe restricted.You should let the program through the firewall and once done,start the program again. :).

If you have a desire to pay for Anti-virus, NOD32 or Kapersky are a better bet, but avoid the security suite versions. Personally I prefer free ones like Avast or Avira

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