Re: Windows Defender "MpTelemetry"?

alexporta;966443 Wrote:
Dear Sander,Did you find a solution to this problem:Nombre de evento de
problema:  MpTelemetryFirma del problema 01:  
8024402cFirma del problema 02:   EndSearchFirma del problema
03:   SearchFirma del problema 04:   1.1.1600.0Firma
del problema 05:   MpSigDwn.dllFirma del problema
06:   1.1.1600.0Firma del problema 07:   Windows
DefenderVersi?n del sistema
operativo:       6.0.6001.
de configuraci?n
2058 I have the exact same problem that you had - can you or anyone
else help me with a solution? Thanks a lot. Alex 

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i can't understand it