Re: Permissions

I think your question should be ignored; you are "hijacking" a thread that has grown immensely. People that are most serious about helping without making trouble will ignore this thread. Of course, I get the impression you just want to make trouble also, since you are not really asking a question.

Yes, you can mess with your computer but don't expect someone here to fix it for you. You might get help here but just don't expect it.

If you were to ask directions for getting somewhere and then you decided that there is a shortcut and they tell you there are landmines there and you say you have a right to go wherever you want to go then don't expect the others to run out and get you when you get blown up.

For what it is worth, I still have an IBM PC XT 286.

"troylawson" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:ceaffaef64b5b0816218bccd539f26ea@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hiyo everyone,
I am a noobie to Vista Forums(Yea!). I have been reading the
thread and I had a question related to permissions. If I made my
computer(Assembled it really) and it was not pulled off any shelf,
installed all the apps including Vista Home Premium 64-bit(No easy
task), living alone if I'm not the Administrator of my system and
network who is? I realize I am no expert and there things in place for
my protection. What I've learned about computers, I learned trial and
error with lots of error. But I have had computers since the 80286 with
a Herc graphics card, and monochrome monitor. I feel that if there is a
file I want to delete, then by golly it's my God-given right as an
American U.S. Navy Vet of the 1st Gulf War, and there should be nohing
but fear standing in the way, not even Bill Gates or Microsoft for that
matter. How can I get the full hidden Admin permission? I have the Admin
account. I feel like everytime I want to do something I have to ask my
mother's permission. It's my computer for gosh sakes. Any insight?
troylawson :cool::geek::D