smart card PIN (Credential) delegation accross the processes (non


Is there any way or setting(s) to delegate(s) the Smart card credentials
(smart card pin) across the processes on local machine?

The scenario is,
1. User inserts a smart card for windows logon. Press Ctrl + Alt+Del
2. Select certificate tile.
3. User enter the pin and successfully gets log-in by using smart card

Case 1:
4. User opens IE to open a ssl site.
5. IE will prompts for dialogue to enter the smart card pin
6. Gets authenticate. User now can use SSL site.

4. Open Outlook
5. User wants to sign an email. Outlook will prompt for smart pin dialouge.
6. User enters the correct smart pin and successfully sign the mail.

Is there any setting to use the first enter smart card pin (i.e. at the time
of Windows logon) will be used by all the other processes (IE or Outlook or
any other process)?

Note: Microsoft smart card BaseCSP is used for Smart Card Operation. BaseCSP
maintains per process base Smart Card PIN cache.

Amit Goel
SafeNet Inc.


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