Re: Windows has found this file is potentially harmful

Just an observation; you need several different malaware type scanning apps,
so having Defender disabled is not helping you. Norton will not detect all
Someone I know & trust sent me an attachment that was infected

"Art" <Art@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I am running Windows Vista Ultimate with Windows Defender Disabled and
Internet Security 2009 installed. Someone who is completely trusted sent
an email with an attachment. The attachment was defined as a ZIPP file.
copied the file to my desktop and renamed it to a ZIP file to access the
enclosed files. Within the ZIP are four OCX files which I need to copy to
System32 directory.

When I attempt to copy the files to any location in my computer, I get
"Windows has found this file is potentially harmful. To help protect your
computer, Windows has blocked access to this file." When I click on the
does this help protect my computer." link it takes me to Windows Mail
This has nothing to do with Windows Mail.

Where can I adjust the Security settings in Windows to fix this problem