Re: Help on disabling windows system restore on Vista Home Premium

Joan, it´s just temporay as I got a virus which Norton 360 detected but
in order to eliminate this virus, it tells me to execute a removal tool
for this virus which I already downloaded, but before running this tool
Norton recommends that I disable windows system recovery, and after
eliminating the virus, I will enable it back.

Can you help me on how to disable it, considering what said in my

Thank You

'Joan Archer[_3_ Wrote:
;788052']Why do you feel the need to disable it, it could prove valuable
some day
then you'll be complaining that you don't have any Restore Points to go
If you feel it's taking up too much room just reduce the space given to

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"Charlie R" Charlie.R.3d4d818@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote in message

I need help on disabling windows system restore, I followed the
procedure that windows help provides but i can not uncheck the c
on: computer/(right click) properties/ system protection because
there is a message that says "configuration is disabled by group

You should know that this is my home computer, is stand alone not
connected to any network or domain and I am running as


Charlie R -

Charlie R

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