Re: Defender Failed 0x800106ba-0x80092003

graydog7;478497 Wrote:
I turned on my Vista64 PC today to find that Defender has decided to
stop working!

It pops up a message with error number 0x800106ba.

A search of the knowledgebase advises removing Defender and
re-installing with Run>appwiz.cpl but when I do this "Defender" isn't in
the list of installed programs.

It isn't in the "Turn Windows features on or off" section either.

Running the WindowsDefender installer package just says it's already
installed and doesn't offer Repair/Uninstall options.

Starting the Defender service through "Computer Management" fails and
produces an 0x80092003 error which is an error relating to reading or
writing to a file.

I feel this problem has been introduced by an Automatic Update as
nothing else has changed since yesterday.

Anyone else having this problem?

Thanks GH
I had the same problem after upgradeing from Vista32 bit to Vista64
bit. Here's what I did to fix mine;
1. Click start