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If I mess up my computer I will fix it or format it and start over.
I get the feeling noone gets my point. I know they are junction points, but why show them if you can't access them?

<sigh> like I said - have you tried to access dll files?

I want to know what is on my computer. On my computer they look like an ordinary folder. If you look back at the first response, won't you immediately feel put down and defensive? My default user folder is not empty. I could not access it until I changed the security options. So are the rest empty?

Why would you WANT to access your "default folder"
I suggest you do a course in computing.



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There it is. You are asking for help so you can mess up your computer, which means it is likely you will be back asking for more help fixing something and you won't understand how you messed it up and you will provide insufficient information. You will waste a lot of time; yours and those of others trying to help.

I think most or all people that help others here will prefer that you don't ask for help here when in the future you mess up your computer in a manner you don't understand and you are doing something Windows is trying to protect you from messing up.

"Kathy" <kmodahl@xxxxxxx> wrote in message news:5F2107EB-C529-4E10-B425-B1E486F7D866@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

If I choose to access something and mess up my computer, why can't I?

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