Re: How to add to Internet Favorites with UAC on?

The darkening screen of "do you really want to do this" is not the issue. With UAC on, I get {Unable to Create "internet site" Unspecified Error}. With UAC off, I am allowed to save new favorites to anywhere in my favorites chain. Any other ideas?


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Windows 7 beta

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Guess nobody here knows how to manipulate UAC without turning it off???


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Hope this is the right place for a UAC question

I have a Vista64 Ultimate system. A few weeks after the initial build, I determined that the hard disk was bad as it would hang until it had run and warmed up for quite a while. Purchased a new hard disk and reinstalled windows. As part of the "new" install, I used an 8Gig USB drive to transfer personal files (including Favorites) from the old system/hard disk to the new one. Process was to boot up windows on the old hard disk, transfer files to the USB drive, boot up windows on the new hard disk and transfer the files from the USB drive to the new C: drive.

The new hard disk/system is working fine except I cannot add new bookmarks/favorites to favorite folders I transferred when surfing the net. With UAC ON, I get the following error:

Unable to Create "internet site"
Unspecified Error

when trying to save or paste a new internet site/url to folders I transferred from the old hard disk. Files CAN be saved directly to the Favorites directory. With UAC OFF, all favorite saves work as expected.

I have tried "taking ownership" of each and every folder in the Favorites directory, but the problem remains. I would really like to use UAC for what its worth, but the problem of not being able to save URLs without turning UAC off and rebooting makes it REALLY hard.