Re: unlocking registration key

If what you show as being the text within the file, that file would not have even worked under Windows XP. That file only shows a program key that looks like it manually has to be entered into the registry in the requisite position.

What you show is not a .reg file. The following text is from a .reg file that hides the delete entry from the recycle bin (courtesy of www.winHelponline). Note the following format:


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

;Hides the "Delete" context menu entry for Windows Vista Recycle bin
;Replaces the "Delete" entry with "Search..." option
;Created on Feb 14,2007
;© 2007 Ramesh Srinivasan

"Description"="Overrides the \"Delete\" option"


@="[FindFolder(\\\"%l\\\", %I)]"




When you run the above .reg file all the information stipulated is automatically entered in the registry in the requisite areas. What you show in your file will not do this.

What you show is ***Key"="0lCz1kz1oiITB88gPE2mBMg+DkeHUH***. That looks like a program key and you have to figure out what to do with it and where to place it so the program runs.

Time to contact the programs author for assistance.

But you say that you have already run this key under Windows 98 (6 years ago) and again under Windows XP.



Richard Urban
Microsoft MVP
Windows Desktop Experience

"Lau" <Lau@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:00015123-630D-4E4B-B9DB-11F6D0CA177B@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Vista refuses to open the .reg file. It says that it considers it
potentially dangerous. But I know for sure that it is not dangerous at all. I
have used it for many years in WindowsXP without any problems. Vista seems to
be made for dummies who do not know how to protect themselves against
unwanted intruders.
In order to get some idea on the content of the file I have changed the
extension to .prn. The text that then appears is like
"Key"="0lCz1kz1oiITB88gPE2mBMg+DkeHUH etc.. .To me this does not look like a
text for the register. Or do you think it does? Where should it then be
located in the register?
I could ask the manufacturer of the software to get me a new registration
key that will be accepted by Vista. But in some way I object to the way Vista
is restricting the freedom of computer users. It considers us all dummies.


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