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In 20 years I have never run across a legitimate program distribution that
was distributed as a WinRah file. Hacked programs (illegal) - yes!

The programs I acquired (purchased) either had a setup.exe file that started
the install where you put in the install key at the requested time, OR, I
just unpacked the files into a folder of MY creation and ran the program
(free - without any reg hack).

I would certainly like a download link to one of the programs you are
talking about so I can see for myself, if it isn't too much trouble.

You misunderstand -- WinRAR was the example.

Older versions came out with a .reg file, newer registrations come out
with a .key file inside a specially coded .RAR, the key is actually a
..reg file internally, but WinRAR recognizes the .key version and
attempts to register itself based on the specially coded .RAR.

There is absolutely no way to enter any sort of registration code into
the program directly, nor is the registered user release any different
then the trial release (in other words, registered users grab the latest
trial from the website to re-install or upgrade)

Depending on your security settings and version, this self-registration
based on a RAR'd .key file may or may not succeed as it's done on a
per-machine basis rather then per-user basis.

I had another package that was similar, some MP3 tagger back in the day
when there weren't any decent open source solutions, although the
company has long since gone under. I've still got the .reg file

I can't think of anything else, but I don't tend to register much
commercial software, I prefer finding an open source alternative if
possible or a free version then donating the cost of the commercial
package to the O/S or free product instead.

It's not particularly common, but it's not an automatic sign of
something amiss.