Re: Hhhheeelllppp

alrite man first itme so sorry. as for wat i mean.. well i have a140gb
hard drive partitioned into c driveand d drive, so i put all my files
into d drive and locked it as in disallowed all access to it without
going into its properties and using password to unlock it. i did the
same for my user account meaning i wwent into c drive went into users
and locked my account and left open the user account for users to use.
and now i cant login to my account from login page, it says caant load
user account, it makes sense since its locked, but i go itno user
account and try to unlock it and d drive and it wont do so. but somehow
i went into control panel and went into admin tools and was able to
bypass the passes and unlock the d drive but i cant unlock the my user
account, it jsut wont let.


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