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Maybe it Is good you haven't gotten to this yet. I have to correct it. I made a sm. error in following the web link instruction.
I went from the run prompt of Windows itself vs. the CMD prompt. I did the ren again and it came back 'access denied'.
So I went and searched out the file following the path. I found 3 files w/that name. Each has a different date & file size.
They are 4/18/03 4:46pm appl. ext. 1205 kb 10/9/07 2:07pm appl. ext 44kb and 4/18/03 4:29pm appl. ext 81kb.
Does this help diagnose any? There are a couple of dll files that appear to be there more than once.

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There is no KB9554430. Did you mean KB954430 ?
If yes, then see this:

Rename msxml4.dll by opening an Elevated Command Prompt [Start Search, type in command, *right click* command and choose 'Run as administrator' follow the prompts ]
Do NOT reinstall KB9554430 when prompted to.
Download and *save* it:

Once the download completes close all open browsers and programs.
Clean Boot the system by disabling *all* non - MS services:

*Right* click msxml4-KB954430-enu.exe and choose 'Run as admin ', follow the prompts.
Reboot after it installs.
Reenable all non - MS services now.
Reboot once more.

Did that get it installed properly ?

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Larry wrote:

I am trying to figure out why I keep getting prompted I need to d/l this Security Update.
I have d/l'ed and installed it several times. It is not showing as an installed d/l I can remove.
But looking at d/l'ed updates it is there a # of times. Any help is much appreciated.