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I have used computers since 1985,

I have been "computering" since 1970 and have never had a virus.

sort of...

I applied the "scriptlet.typelib/Eyedog" patch when I first heard
about it, and two days later a lady at Microsoft sent me an e-mail
with the kakworm attached. My AV went whoop whoop whoop. I never had the "malware" but my AV did detect malware on
my computer once.

No, wait.

Many times my AV has alerted to malware I knew I had - the opening
of the malware file for the resource (icon) also caused an alert. It was
annoying at first, but I got used to it. So, in almost thirty-nine years I
haven't been infected or infested by malware.

<knocks on wood>


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