Re: One disk is missing in USB Disk

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I connect one removable hard disk to my Vista PC by USB,I can only
see one
disk and another disk is missing from the system, how should I fix

Details! Details! Details!

You don't give enough for anyone to give you a valid response.

How many hard drives are in your system? How many partitions? What
type of
partitions (primary, extended or logical)? Does one of the internal
drives disappear when you plug in a USB drive? What kind of USB drive
is it?

Try again for help.

Hi, thank you for your answer,

My removable disk has 2 partitions, when in another computer I can see
the two partitions, but in my vista PC , I can only see one partition,
another one is missing, the internal disk has no problem right now.

So please help me to fix this problem?

Windows only supports a single partition on removable media drives, so
as far as I know you are pretty much out of luck.


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