Re: Denied permission to access folders

I just tried Jimmy Brush's suggestion and it worked fine, except for the
little error created by the insertion of the sad face in the command

I tried every combination of letters and characters I could think of
until I googled the search string and saw that it should read:

Type: icacls . /grant USER:(OI)(CI)(F) /L /T /Q

So, since my user name was owner-pc, the correct string to type in the
command line would be:

icacls . /grant owner-pc:(OI)(CI)(F) /L /T /Q

Once I typed in that string, it immediately granted me access to all
the files in the folder.

Another trick is to find your real user name. I always assumed it was
my screen name, but it wasn't. To find your user name in Vista, click on
Start, Control Panel, User Accounts and Family Safety. Then click on
User Accounts again.

You will see your screen name, user type and picture on the far right.
On the far left, you'll see a list of options. Click on Configure
Advanced User Profile Properties and a new window will open showing your
"official" user name. In my case it was Owner-PC.


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