Re: Can a standard user access the Admin account via Safe Mode?

Hi mgr,

There is confusion as to when the FULL Administrator account is
available in vista.

of course it may be enabled using the NET USER command and will then
appear in the log-in (by default with no password :( ).

In XP when you entered Safe Mode you were automatically logged in as
the FULL administrator this is NOT the default for Vista. If however
there are no administrator accounts set-up in Vista then it is supposed
to revert to the XP system (as a fall-back to prevent lockout). I say
"supposed" as I have seen lockouts where re-install was the only remedy.

As for the first account created by the user in vista this is by
default an administrator account but as far as I am aware this is not
"special" in any way.

This account may be removed, (by another later created administrator or
the FULL administrator account, but not if it's the only account on the
machine), and I believe it may also be downgraded to a standard user
even when it is the only administrator on the system, and this is why
the reversion to XP behaviour was included for safe mode.

Hope this helps ...


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