RE: Frustrating time trying to sign in here

The original link to Vista Discussions IS broken.
After you sign-in, you still can not post, or reply

BUT, the link posted here WORKS.

You scroll down the list to: THEN expand it for
Vista Newsgroups

And it works the same as the broken one; sign in via Hotmail Account.
MS emailed me this link months ago, when it 1st happened.

Unfortunatley other posters knock the Web interface, as it is called.
If you know how to use it, it is quite good.
Mad Mike

"Snowbound" wrote:

I must of spent 30 minutes trying to sign in at

I would sign in to my hotmail yet the system would throw no errors yet there
would be no ability to post messages. I just happened to stumble over

which allowed me to sign in. I tried several computers all with the same