Re: Fresh Vista64 install problem with junction points

Sorry but have done that numerous times both with OOffice 2 and 3 with the
same result. Errors out on installation. The problem is because the Vista64
business install on this new computer is screwed up regarding
/programdata/microsoft/windows/template not being able to accept file
creation since Vista has screwed up the attribute. It thinks that this
directory is a junction point when it is suppose to be a regular directory.
Here is all the gory details on the OOffice forum

"Malke" wrote:

Snowbound wrote:

Have a laptop with Vista64 and have problems installing OpenOffice. The
program errors on on installing a file to
\programdata\microsoft\windows\templates indicating that I do not have
rights to that location. Checked in windows explorer and that location is
showing up as a junction point rather than a real directory. I know that
\ProgramData\Templates is a junction point which points to
\\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Templates but I can not gain access to
that directory since in Windows explorer it too has a shortcut/junction
point symbol and when I click on it I get an Access Denied error!

Don't worry about junction points. Make sure you are using the latest
version of OO (I believe it is 3.0). Download it and right-click on the
installer and choose "Run as administrator". Now the installer will unpack
to the Desktop (or to the directory to which you downloaded it, perhaps
your Downloads folder). The regular installation will begin after the
unpacking. Since you're running the installation as administrator, you
won't have any problems with permissions. At the end of the installation,
run OO as your regular user. You can delete the installer and the unpacked
files directory now.

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