Re: Vista advertising SD card content?

Gareth wrote:

"Mick Murphy" <MickMurphy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:50F9E9C6-6CEC-4A92-9125-3301DCD905C2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Disallow Autorun.
And you are plugging in a Card READER, lol.

Other users can enable Autorun and plug in *my* card reader.

If you're so concerned for your privacy, why have you granted other administrative privileges to your computer, and why are *you* leaving *your* card reader and *your* SD card unsecured?

The point is Vista is looking at the file types on the card - there's no way (is there?) of disallowing non user prompted access to the SD card.

You've been told how.

This didn't happen with XP or Win 9X.

It did if one had the proper drivers installed and auto-play enabled.

It's worrying.

What's really worrying is that you're expecting the OS to protect you from your own sloppy habits of leaving things lying about where curious minds can find them. Software can't protect you from yourself.

If the contents of the SD card are so very sensitive, simply put it out of others reach.


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