Re: Window Defender. What is 0x800106ba? Is it important?

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Just picking some nits - it is often misunderstood what the
difference is between restore and recovery. Recovery is
meant to recover from some unfortunate thing. It implies
the end state is as it was just before the incident. Restore
is the one that gets you the sometimes less desireable "as
new" condition.

Sorry, but that's the reverse of normal usage in both XP and Vista.

Recovery is reserved for talking about using a "recovery disc" to
return a computer to out-of-the-box - or "as new" - condition.

Restore is reserved for talking about using the System Restore utility
to return the system to a state previous to an unfortunate event,
without going all the way back to "as new" condition.

Yeah, I'm sorry too.

Microsoft didn't actually get it wrong when they named the
restore facility, it does get you back to a previous "as new"
state for the things under its purview. If they called it system
recovery people should expect it to do a lot more than it does.

Restore is OS independent. Recovery would require some backup
plan or at the very least some knowledge of the OS and user data
that needs the recovering.