Re: Please help, no administrator access!

Another similar method uses utilman.exe in the same manner.
At the login screen the Windows key + U brings up the shell.

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Acually it took me awhile to figure it out what i had no access to the
hidden admin account i had to admin to activate it, and the safe mode
didnt work. heres what i did

1. put in the Vista Upgrade Disk
2. at the istall now screen i clicked repair computer
3. I pressed cancel in the recovery/repair tool
4. went to advanced options
5. clicked command prompt
6. changed from X to C:\
7. then Cd Windows\system32

and then typed in the followeing command
ren osk.exe osk.bak
ren cmd.exe osk.exe

then restarted the computer

at the welcome screen i click the ease of access button on the bottom
of the screen and used the on screen keyboard... which now should be the
command prompt. from there i typed in the command net user administator
/active:yes and it created the admin file where i could log back in and
change my user back to an admin... also after you make your account
admin i would go back and deactivate the command prompt from being on
the keyboard by typing in

ren osk.bak osk.exe
ren osk.exe cmd.exe

FromTheRafters;1054395 Wrote:
Vista was designed to enable the full token administrator account
and make it available in safe mode whenever the last of the other
administrator accounts is removed or demoted.

Unfortunately, it is still possible for a user to inadvertantly shift
administrator privilege to the ASP.NET account and remove or
demote all the others - leaving them with an administrator account
they can't log into.

Locked your keys in the car again eh?

No doubt there are "slim jim" programs out there - or at least a
'coathanger' program bent just right. :o)

....or as Malke would be likely (and rightly) to suggest - a spare set
of keys in the form of another administrator account just in case.

"Nicholas Hanson" <da_asmodai@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Rebooting to safe mode solved it for me. In safe mode the
option was enabled so it allowed me to log in and create and new
with admin rights that I can use when necessary.

"Nick Thomas" <Nick.Thomas.3htisl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote
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Has anyone else ran into this problem where as they are running
Vista and they have lost their Administator user... And can not
the defualt admin user becasue they arent an admin to do so...? I
I might know who to solve this issue.

Nick Thomas
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Nick Thomas
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