Re: security update problem

1. Boot into Safe Mode.
2. Note the KB number for the update.
3. Uninstall ALL the copies you see in Control Panel/Programs and Features.
4. Reboot in normal mode.
5. Find, download and install the standalone update from


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"eyeguy" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:d0973b5336586c874ef86fa800fafb77@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

i'm having a problem with an automatic update that keeps appearing daily
even after installing it ~ the udate is ~ SECURITY UPDATE FOR MICROSOFT
XML CORE SERVICE 4.0 SERVICE PACK 2 (KB936181) ~ should I turn off
the auto update function, ALSO I only have service pack 1 installed ~ I
made the mistake of always installing it and now have several copies of
it ~ not sure if there is an error thats causing it or if its operator
error!:rolleyes: any help would be appreciated ~ thanks