RE: Can't access my folders after installing windows updates (Oct 20,

"Savvoulidis Iordanis" wrote:

I recently bought a HP notebook with Windows vista home edition. I dowloaded
Windows updates and even though I didn't change any of my account name or
password (I'm the administrator), I'm denied access on more than half the
folders. I tried changing the ownership on a great deal of folders but even
though I checked the otions for the subfolders, it didn't work. It's
impossible to change each folders owner, manualy, but even if I do how do I
know that the next time I download updatew I won't have the same problem?

So, you are saying that you changed ownership on folders so that you could
own them as admin, and after you ran the update, the ownership was changed to
something else?

Was ownership changed to TrustedInstaller?

So maybe Vista or Windows Update set folders to the the TrustedInstaller
account, so that Windows Update would be successful.


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