Re: Please help, no administrator access!

Nicholas Hanson wrote:

I was led to believe that if you remove your user account from the
Administrators group UAC would prompt you when Administrator rights were
needed and you could supply the Administrator password to do what you
like. In XP when you move your user account out of the Administrators
group (I ran as a Power User in XP) it would automatically activate the
Administrator account. In Vista this does not seem to occur and so when I
removed my account from the Administrators group the only account
is the still-disabled Administrator account. With no admin rights I can't
add myself back to that group, I can't enable the Administrator account,
When I try to do something that requires admin rights UAC gives me a
dialog to enter the password for an Administrator but that dialog is
sometimes blank and sometimes contains my regular user account (I've not
determined a
pattern yet). When it does contain my regular user account if I enter my
password it goes away as if it accepted it but the action does NOT execute
with administrator rights.
I'm at a loss of what to do at this point., any help would be greatly

As you have discovered, the built-in Administrator account is disabled by
default in Vista. When you get out of this situation, create a Standard
user for your daily work and at least one extra administrator user - call
it CompAdmin or Tech or the like - for elevation and emergencies. In the
meantime, you can try MVP Jimmy Brush's method of recovery.

Tutorial and fix -

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