Re: Well here is another UAC tool from Vista.

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I don't have much to comment on this issue anymore, but I'd like to ask
you a question:

Do you wear a helmet when riding your bike? (the question is void if
it's required by law though...)

Why must you act an a$$ about it? Just because you like to fly with no safety-net and with your draws down at your ankles does that mean that anyone else should follow in your foot steps.

The thing about Linux users on Linux machines, which makes that system less susceptible to attack used by the ignorant is that the user never runs as root admin.

They run as non-root admin until an admin task is encountered, and then they must give a root admin user-id and psw to escalate to root admin rights to perform the task. They are then returned to being a non-root admin.

Yes, the ignorant masses my not be getting attacked like they use to be on Vista, but on the other hand, on any previous version of the NT based O/S, their linen was dropped to their ankles, and they had to keep on grinnin.

Now, they have a choice to leave the security on or turn it all off, if he or she chooses to do either one.