Re: Well here is another UAC tool from Vista.

I agree with you. I just don't think it's justifiable with all those
securitymeasures in this computer. It's mainly for hacks and games. I
don't think windows is justifiable at all if I require a secure
workstation though.

I'm careful with what I run on my computer, I haven't had a single
(unintentional) problem with malware in years.

I should add that the norton tool is as bad as elevating the uac
entirely if used carelessly though... (I don't see a way it could be
WORSE than that though, unless norton start abusing it, when it comes to
that it's a question of how much you trust them)


- -While I try to give as safe advise as possible, and use alot of
effort in making sure it's accurate, I can't take responsibility of
problems arising from the help I give. In the end it's you who need to
decide what's the safest way to manage your computer.-