Re: Errors when updating and unable to access hotmail

If you can't access Hotmail, update Vista, nor Defender, than there's a communication issue occurring.

HTTP 404 - the server cannot find the requested URI (Uniform Resource Identifier).

Which firewall is being used ?
What is the installed security software [antivirus, security suite, antispyware, etc] ?

You could attempt to install the latest Version of the Windows Update Agent [WUA] with the installed antivirus/3rd party firewall temporarily disabled BUT, if the communication issue is related to the above, the issue will reoccur.

AU Check (v78)

Go to the above page, download, and *save* au_check_v78_codeplex.exe .
Once the download completes, close all open browsers and programs.

*** Temporarily disable the installed AV and any 3rd party firewall.
Consult the UserGuide or Help files of the above software or, read this:

How To Temporarily Disable Your Anti-virus, Firewall And Anti-malware Programs

ENABLE the native Vista firewall as the system will need to be online in order to download the WUA ***

*RIGHT* click au_check_v78_codeplex.exe and choose 'Run as administrator'. Follow the prompts.
Allow some time for the required updating software to install.
Reboot afterwards even if not prompted to.

Reenable the security software and *disable* the native Vista firewall IF another is being used.

See if the system can update now.

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Tinamarie2401 wrote:

Both of the errors are that they are unable to update due to the errors
listed above. Error 80244019 is unable to update Microsoft secruity
updates. Error unable to update Microsoft Defender


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