Re: KB953838 won't install in Vista

SIW2;852235 Wrote:
Russ;852179 Wrote:
I've seen the threads about KB953838 not installing under XP. I'm
Vista Home Premium and this update will not install.

I recently reinstalled Vista on my new Gateway machine using the
discs and then updated Vista with everything I could (including SP1)
loading any software (including antivirus). KB953838 was the only
thing that
wouldn't install. It keeps popping up and trying to install, but it
It gets to 11% and then bombs with the very descriptive message "Code
80073715 Window Update encountered an unknown error." I've even tried
downloading the update from Microsoft as a standalone package but
either I
got the wrong hotfix, or it still doesn't work as it tells me the
doesn't apply to my system.

Someone please confirm that I need this update, or if not, tell me how
get my machine to ignore it. I clear the checkbox on the update, but
it just
sits there in the system tray, taunting me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.> >

Hi Russ

I have just done a lot or research into this one and not come up with
any concrete answers,

The answers that I have found however are;

1. Try downloading this update again and instaling it manually you
need to select the right update for your architecture.

'Download details: Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 7
in Windows Vista (KB953838)'

*_'Download details: Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer
7 in Windows Vista x64 Edition (KB953838)'

2. If the above doesn't work and I am a bit sceptical about this one,
but it will do no harm to try it and it has apparently worked for
others, first empty the explorer cache and then uninstall the last
update; Control Panel - Programs - Show installed updates.
Then try to install *KB953838*manually again if it installs dont
forget to auto update the uninstalled update, and re-enable antivirus
and firewall.

lastly if this works (or not) it would be nice if you could let me