Re: Installation problem - non-admin users

Gaurav wrote:

I guess I am facing an administrative privileges issue with Vista. I have a custom application which is sent out to the users as an .msi file. I am not able to install this .msi file on Vista for non – admin users.

Yes, Vista is a different bird.

I get the following error
Error 1303. The installer has insufficient privileges to access this
directory: <Folder Path>. The installation cannot continue.
Log on as an administrator or contact your system administrator.

Yes, Vista is a different bird.

Also the setup tries to add some dlls in system32 folder, and another follow on error that I get is:
Error 1304: "Error writing to file [file name] verify that you have access to that directory"

C:\Windows and C:\ Program Files have more protection than any previous versions of the NT based O/S(s). It's protection by obscurity.

When I right click on the setup.msi, there is no option of “Run as administrator”.


But of course, one has to be user/admin to do it.

Any ideas on whatz going on? How do we let a non-admin user install the setup on Windows Vista?

Where you able to do it on XP or any of the previous versions of the NT-based O/S? I have always been admin on the machine or I was a Domain Administrator when I walked up to a machine and was doing something on a user's machine, so I always had the power.

There is the Power-user group that you could put the user into that group, which could let the user perform the task of installation as non-administrator. The Power-user is there for backwards compatibility.

But at some point in the installation, the non-admin user is going to be stopped at doing anything in System32 for the following reasons:

1) The user is going to be asked to give a user-id and psw to an user/admin account.

2) The user account for the non-user admin in not an account that has full rights on System32.

3) You as user/admin on Vista you are not a user with full rights on Vista like you are on XP.

If you were to go to C:\Windows or C:\Program Files or some folder within those folders like System32, then you will see that you cannot add an user account, delete an user account or even change the permissions of an exiting account and it is static, even for user/admin.

Vista does have the hidden built-in Administrator account that does have full rights at all times, like the one on XP. The user/admin account that Vista gives one or any user/admin account that you may create will not be an user/admin with full rights, even if you disable UAC, because those user/admin accounts do not inherit full admin rights from the built-in Administrator account like on XP.

However the Administrator faces the same situation of doing anything with a user account. The only thing it can do is go to the Advanced button as it is enabled, as opposed to your user/admin account as the Advanced button may be disabled.

Here is a *test* I want you to do. You'll find it at "cannot change Program Files to full control" thread in this NG, do the *test*.

You may want to read the information in the links for UAC, because of the two tokens assigned to user/admin with UAC enabled. So you're really only a Standard user on Vista even as user/admin, which is the default.