Re: User account and security

Al wrote:
On Vista, in order for a system to see another machine's share, it asks for the user's credentials. I know this can be tuned off using Password protection for shares. However, regardless, if both the systems have the same user account with the same password (not necessarily logged in as that user but just if they have it), then things become very simple and the other user can see and open the shares.

So here is the question: I am thinking of automatically creating a user account with a GUID like password on these systems using standard Win32 API's. However, I am afraid that by creating user accounts automatically (albeit with a GUID like password), I maybe opening up the user system inadvertently to some security risk beyond what I am trying to achieve.

Does anyone have an opinion on this or see any major issues in doing this?


This is my outlook on what user account group to use on file share.


It works on a p2p level as well for anyone like a remote user or a local user that is using a valid user account on the machine that is hosting the file share.

For me, I delete all accounts of the folder of the file share, and I also delete all accounts of the Share's permissions, leaving only the Authenticated users group and set permissions for the group on the folder and the share.

Authenticated users group tightens security on the file share, so that only authenticated users can access the share with an existing user account on the file share hosting machine.