Re: Why won't Vista let apps create new folders?

JeffG wrote:
I have had two similar problems on my system.

1. An application running in one of my user folders has several folders below the folder it runs in. One of these folders is named 'data'. It needed to create a file in data\global. This failed until I created the global folder manually.

I would assume when you did it manually as user/administrator it saw you as the owner of the folder.

As opposed to you being a user assessing the folder and the folder was created by other means, like the folder was created without you doing it manually, it viewed you as not being owner of the folder, and you would have had to have taken ownership of the folder as user to fix the problem of permissions.

2. I have Apache+MySQL+PHP running on my system. PHP was unable to create the folder 'session' in my AppData\Local\Temp\php folder. Again, if I created the session folder manually, PHP was then able to create session files in that folder.

See above.

What is happening here? Please help.

I also think you should do the test that's being explained in the thread "cannot change Program Files to full control" to see other permission conflict for the user/admin on Vista.