Update Re: Solved: Vista Help & Support - Permissions Problem?

The name of the program is procmon (Process Monitor). I installed IE8 Beta 2 and my H&S problem came back. I went to

and found that IE8 had updated these files and reset the permissions. Fortunately, I had gone through the process explained earlier and used procmon to quickly locate the files with permission problems and fixed them.


"Mike" <lagunasrfr@xxxxxxx> wrote in message news:emSEef7CJHA.4700@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
After working three weeks on this problem, I finally solved it and it was a
file permissions problem.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon Procman.exe
http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896645.aspx I'm sure you
experts in the Forum are well aware of it. I'm sure it can help solve most
permissions and HK_CU problems.

I ran procman, using the filter to isolate helppane.exe, Help & Support's
run program. Procman displayed a log of thousands of entries - too many to
eyeball for the problem.

I saved the log as a csv file; read it into Excel and sorted it as a
database to isolate processes that were not allowed (files that could not be
read because of permissions or corruption problems). I found two files that
were not read (see attached partial xls file for details.

I clicked on the files' permissions and changed them to allow access by the
user and, lo and behold, the problem was solved.

These were the two files in case the attachment does not come accross

Thanks for everyone who took the time to try and help.
"Mike" <lagunasrfr@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
I posted this in General, but got no response. I have a little bit of
updated findings to post here.

If I run Help and Support as Administrator or if I create a new user and
run from it, Vista Help & Support runs perfectly.

However, when I run it from my primary user/administrator sign-on, I just
get text text (looks like text from an .h1s file).

I have googled for days and the closest I can find to a solution refers to
Server 2003 and XP. I can't find anyone with this problem. I can't find a
"Help and Support" services entry like there was on XP. The only program
I can find is HELPPANE.exe and I have changed and rechanged permissions
until my fingers are sore.

The only thing I can find that is different is in Process Explorer (free
download), it shows "Builtin/Administrators" with a deny flag when I run
as primmary user/administrator. "Builtin/Administrators" shows a
"mandatory" flag when I run as Administrator or any new user I create.

I don't have malware. I don't have a restore file that goes back as long
as I have had the problem. I have uninstalled tweaks and
freeware/purchased utility programs. I still cannot get the thing to

It appears that the H and S service is not running. But I can't even find
a service to run manually to test.

Please help.



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