Re: All removable media "Windows Vista destination folder access d

Thanks for the quick feedback.

Computer is in a workgroup. Have looked for removable storage access
settings in the Local Group Policy Object and using RegEdit (based on the
info in the VistaGPSettings.xls info) and I find nothing. Could you please
advise more specifically where to find this object to set. TY

"Beoweolf" wrote:

Is computer connected to Domain, workgroup or standalone. You need to check
the settings.

Removable storage access (enable/disable) Group policy object

"Bugkiller" <Bugkiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I suddenly cannot write files to any removable media device (USB flash,
floppy disk or CD-R-DVD-R).

Onset of this was: Copied file from desktop to USB flash drive fine. Did
nothing else with that drive and made no system changes in following week.
Then tried to copy additional file to the drive a week later and could
not. I
get the 'need permission' and UAC messages, respond appropriately but that
does not work and I get the "Try Again" msg.

Tried other flash drives, new and used, floppy disks and DVD writer all
no joy.

Help please.