Re: UAC security hole?

Steve Thackery;847441 Wrote:
The following article:

'IT Dojo |'

....shows a way of running UAC-restricted programs without a UAC
Basically, you create the restricted program as a task in Task
set it to "Run with highest privileges", and then create a shortcut to

From then on you can run the program without the UAC prompt.

Regardless of what you think about UAC, doesn't this sound like a
serious security breach? Bearing in mind that Microsoft have made a
software tool available for UAC-enabling old applications on a
basis, it sounds like they didn't realise you could do it much more
using Task Manager.

I can imagine malware might be able to set up a new task in Task
with the highest privileges, and run hostile code without the user

I'm no expert on Vista's security mechanisms, but do you guys think
could be a security hole? Do you expect Microsoft to plug this


Hi Steve,

As the UAC operates on task scheduler anyway I think the hole is
plugged. the method you mention is a way for an admin to provide access
to UAC controled apps to a standard user without providing a password.
you still have to go through the UAC to set it up.

hope this clarifies


the beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not
understand.,- frank herbert

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