Re: Windows Security and Newsgroups

As I said before, I have done this many, many times, just as you suggested. My next try will be to follow the directions in Think it will work?

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Coogee wrote:
I have the same accounts set up on my desktop and they work OK. So that's not the problem. Thanks for replying, though.

It's a problem on Vista. You were given information about how to go to the account itself on WM, Outlook or whatever is being used and entering the credentials again typing over the existing credentials and doing send/recv of email or post/read on NNTP until the credentials hold. You giving the credentials when being prompted is not going to work, as they will not hold. It has to be done on the account iteslf off of Tools menu and select the account and set it there.

And besides, they are going to be lost again, but it has not happened for me in a long long time, knock on wood.

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Thanks for all the activity to my question, but I still haven't got answer I can use. Lots of noise on whether you need to sign on or not. I DO! Anyway this must be a problem with Vista that hasn't been fixed yet - hard for me to believe. Now I have the same problem on my MAIL server, which I didn't have before. So now I can't get mail or newsgroups. Such agita.

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New laptop with Vista. I'm the admin, only account. Trying to set up newsgroups from my news server, which requires me to log on. All is set up OK in the account screens. When I try to initially download the newsgroups on the server, up pops a Windows security notice, asking me to log on to the newsgroups server- "verify that both username and password are correct for your mail server". After I enter user name and password, and click OK, the screen keeps popping up asking for same prompt. I am giving it the correct info, but will not accept, so can't begin to download newsgroups. Whatever I enter will change what's in the account screen for the server setup. Tried turning all the windows security options off that I could find, but still can't get past the security screen. Any advice on this?

Maybe its really problem with the ISP. Comcast requires a login and password (until they remove Giganews from their services next month). But sometimes the ISP can have issues, so I'd call the ISP and complain and see where that goes.