Re: cannot change Program Files to full control

Thanks Paul. I have Vista Home PREMIUM not PRO. As a simple end user with
limited time on this system, I'm lucky to remember anything.

I tried your suggested tests and they performed just as you predicted. I
guess I sort of understand a bit about what's happening in Vista from that
excercise, but I'm still not clear on what I can do about the WMP Icons
directory in order to load the MS Info Exporter.

I'm sorry, but I'm a bit slow here. I was able to add a user in the test
directory and change the control for the user level. But I cannot do the
same in WMP or in the Icons directory. It will not allow me to add a user.

What do I do to get this thing to load?


"Paul Montgumdrop" wrote:

barryadam wrote:
I'm trying to load MS Info Exporter to print my WMP 11 library on my
stand-alone home computer Vista Home Pro will not allow it to load as it
will not give access to the Program Files/Windows Media Player/Icons
I have tried to change the security directly as well as on everything fron
C: on down to allow full control, but it won't change these directories.
How do I do this?

First is there some kind of Vista O/S called Home Pro?

Here is what I suggest you do to see the problem:

1) Go to the Program Files and create a new directory call it *Test*.
Vista should allow you to create the directory even as you being Admin
on the machine.

2) Start Notepad enter some text and try to SaveAs with the file to
Program Files/Test. You should get permission denied. Yeah, you're
getting it even if the account you're using is your Admin account.

3) Come out of Notepad, forget the save, and cancel out of Notepad.

4) Go to the directory and to the Security tab for the directory and add
a new account to the security account list. It's going to be the User
account you login to the computer with as Admin. If you login with
*barryadam* as admin on the machine, then you're going to add
*barryadam* as another account the will have access to the directory.

5) You'll set *barryadam* to have Full Control just as Administrators
has Full Control of the folder.

6) Go back to step # 2 with Notepad and try to SaveAs the file to
Program Files\Test. You should be able to save the file.

Hopefully, you'll see the issue of account permissions conflict for the
user/admin on Vista.

On one hand, your account is in the Administrators group account. But on
the other hand, your account is part of the User group account. If your
user account *barryadam* is not on the folder with the same rights as
as Administrators, there is going to be a permissions conflict, because
Vista with UAC enabled is looking at the combined rights of those two
accounts in some situations.

What Vista defaults to is Users account group permissions on the
directory if it doesn't see your individual user account on the folder,
and Users doesn't have Full Control.

This is because on Vista with UAC enabled, a user/admin on Vista is not
an Admin with Full rights, like it is on XP or Win 2k.