Re: Windows Security and Newsgroups

Thanks for all the activity to my question, but I still haven't got answer I can use. Lots of noise on whether you need to sign on or not. I DO! Anyway this must be a problem with Vista that hasn't been fixed yet - hard for me to believe. Now I have the same problem on my MAIL server, which I didn't have before. So now I can't get mail or newsgroups. Such agita.

"Coogee" <coogee@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:uWYqB6TGJHA.3664@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
New laptop with Vista. I'm the admin, only account. Trying to set up newsgroups from my news server, which requires me to log on. All is set up OK in the account screens. When I try to initially download the newsgroups on the server, up pops a Windows security notice, asking me to log on to the newsgroups server- "verify that both username and password are correct for your mail server". After I enter user name and password, and click OK, the screen keeps popping up asking for same prompt. I am giving it the correct info, but will not accept, so can't begin to download newsgroups. Whatever I enter will change what's in the account screen for the server setup. Tried turning all the windows security options off that I could find, but still can't get past the security screen. Any advice on this?