Re: Windows Security and Newsgroups

<double sigh> You are both right and both wrong.

Paul - yeah, depending on your service, you put a username and password into the MODEM. My DSL modem/router certainly does have a place to put my username and password and if I don't put them in there it won't connect.

Gordon - yeah, that's true for DSL ... but for CABLE modems, there is no place to put a username and password, the MAC address controls whether or not you can access the Internet.

So both of you may wish to consider that your view depends entirely on the direction one is looking in. ;-)

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"Paul Adare - MVP" <pkadare@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:1rimv7nkfylbg$.t0xio1xxiwpn$.dlg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
On Tue, 23 Sep 2008 12:24:33 +0100, Gordon wrote:

<sigh> - the setup for the MODEM (or whatever you call it) will have in it a
Username and Password - no you don't need to type those in every time you
access the internet but I can assure you they are there....The account you
have with your ISP WILL have a Username and Password associated with it...

<sigh> - No they don't. The MAC address is registered with the provider
which is what allows one to get an IP address, there is no user name and
password assigned. You seem to think you know a lot about this for someone
who isn't even on this continent.

Paul Adare
MVP - Identity Lifecycle Manager
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